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At Hackuarium, we want to bring biology (and biologists) to the world, and the real world back to biology. Our laboratory is an excuse to meet and discuss, build and develop ideas in a neutral, open, noncompetitive and not-for-profit environment.

Thank you all so much for your contribution to our crowdfunding campaign!

Gotthard Weiss
Laurent Besson
Gianpaolo Rando
Sylvain Piguet
Jonathan Sobel
Jan Krieg
Nathalie Yéghen
Edoardo Charbon
Till Wegmueller
Sylvain Gardel
Oleg Lavrovsky
Barry Aronoff
Tobias Merz
Marc Dusseiller
Anick Courtois
Marco Eschenmoser
Annick Vidonne
Pia Viviani
Tony Laenzlinger
Benjamin Missbach
Raphaëlle Mueller
Luc Henry
Clément Bordier
Andrea Szollossi
Théodore Besson
Antoine Girardin
Léonard Zumstein
Dominique Christin
Laurent Waselle
Anne-Laure Pittet
Hugues Abriel
Christophe Sczygiel
Clément Hongler
Huguette Wist
Laurie TARGA
Lynn Denton
Timothee Maret
Mirko Bischofberger
Aubort Aubort
Thomas Landrain
Francis Mingard
Yann Heurtaux
Ethan Aronoff
Cristina Cristina
Gabriela Sanchez
Sam Sulaimanov
Luc Henry
Sébastien Mischler
Vanessa Lorenzo
Aurélien Borst
Luc Patiny