The goal is to create a simple spectrophotometer that measure the absorbance of a sample at 3 different colors (red, green, blue), is autonomous (on battery) and display the result on a screen.

The initial idea was that you could teach spectrophotometry without having to buy an expensive instrument because you can find experiments that does not require a single wavelength. This could included optical density for bacteria culture, determination of a pigment in a solution, determination of the kinetic of a reaction.

The device is rather cheap if you buy all the component on aliexpress (but one) and hav eaccess to a 3D printer. By constructing 10 the price per spectrophotometer is around $25.


patent-blue-v-regression - Luc Patiny bacteria-growing-preliminary - Luc Patiny (1) patent-blue-v - Luc Patiny