Sequencing the DNA inside 1,000 beers

BeerDeCoded is a scientific quest to digitize the molecular composition of 1,000 beers, and then use the findings to let brewers make better beer and drinkers to discover new beers fitting their taste.

We started with beer DNA.

Beer is alive! It contains DNA that comes from its ingredients (hops, malts, yeast) and some hundred microbes. There are 1,000+ yeasts used for brewing and 200+ hop varieties, each one bearing a different DNA and contributing to differentiate its properties.

Can DNA predict the taste?

Let’s discover it together.┬áPeople can contribute to every step: from securing funding to doing the experiment, from testing (and tasting) the samples to publishing the results. BeerDeCoded is doing-research-together, in the bars and in an open laboratory.

BeerDeCoded promotes public discussions regarding issues related to personal genomics. We simply use beers as surrogates of individuals.