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The end

Congratulations of finishing the assembly of your spectrophotometer! You now have to learn how to use the interface of the spectrophotometer. To do that, you can checkout the Usage section of this doc.

To remember

The voltage of the battery shouldn't drop under 4V. The spectrophotometers have a really long autonomy (over 3 months), but you should still recharge it regularly once the battery voltage is too low, to avoid destroying the battery. To do that, just plug the mini USB cable in it and let it charge for a few hours.

What's next

Now that you have a functional spectrophotometer, it's time to start using it! You can checkout some of the experiments that we have already done with it, but also don't hesitate to use it for new applications. If you manage to do anything cool, don't hesitate to send us your results!

Here are some of the experiments you can do for a start: