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If you found this page, it is likely that you have recently acquired a Simple-Spectro kit and that you are currently wondering how to put all the parts together to actually get a working instrument. Don't worry: this tutorial will walk you through all the necessary steps!

Here is a picture of what you'll be building today: The finished spectro

The Simple-Spectro kit

A Simple-Spectro kit is composed of four little bags:

  • A: Contains the PCB (the electronic board)
  • B: Contains all of the components that you'll need to solder on the PCB
  • C: Contains the different parts of the case (the case itself and all the screws)
  • D: Contains the supplies that you'll need once the construction is finished (like a mini USB cable, a sticker, ...)



Additionally to the kit, you'll need the following materials:

  1. A crosshead screwdriver
  2. A wire cutter
  3. Some solder
  4. A soldering iron


Start the construction

To actually start building your spectrophotomer, just press the "Next" button and follow the instructions.