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List of qualifiers

Each device has an identifier that allows to recognize it's kind and should be unique.


You can see all the identifiers here: Identifiers - Hackuarium.

A qualifier is composed of 2 bytes and therefore a number from 0 to 65535.

It can be set using the uq command.

You can also display this number as 2 bytes and therefore as 2 ASCII code.

In the case of the pHMeter the first ASCII code is P.

You may for example give the following code to the pHMeter

  • PA = 0x5041 = 20545
  • PB = 0x5042 = 20546
  • PC = 0x5043 = 20547
  • PD = 0x5044 = 20548
  • PE = 0x5045 = 20549
  • ...

Each code will correspond to a database name so that is really needs to be unique!

You may convert from the 2 letters code to a number using the following javascript code.

'P'.charCodeAt(0) * 256 + 'A'.charCodeAt(0)

You may use it in the browser console.

In the logs this ID will appear as hexadecimal code. You may convert from deciaml to hexadecimal in javascript using the following code: