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Frequently asked question (FAQ)

Is the bioreactor rebooting?

In case the lower priority process can not be reached during 8s, the bioreactor will restart automatically. This lower priority process is the one that takes care of blinking the led.

Using the command p you will get the uptime in milliseconds.

In the of reboot there is also an entry in the log.

What is the state of the bioreactor?

The command t will give you a good overview about the current state of the bioreactor

Status: 519 - What is the current status

  • 0: 1 - heating
  • 1: 1 - agitation control
  • 2: 1 - food control
  • 9: 1 - emptying pump

Enabled: 7 - What is currently enabled

  • 0: 1 - heating
  • 1: 1 - agitation control
  • 2: 1 - food control

Error: 0 - What are the current errors

  • 0: 0 - pcb probe failed (one wire not answering)
  • 1: 0 - liquid probe failed (one wire not answering)
  • 2: 0 - temperature of pcb is outside range
  • 3: 0 - temperature of liquid is outside range
  • 4: 0 - target temperature is outside range
  • 5: 0 - weight is outside range

What is a cycle?

The bioreactor has 4 different phases :

ModeHeatingStepperTill when it last
Normal modeOnOnLast PARAM_FILLED_TIME minutes
Sedimentation modeOffOffLast PARAM_SEDIMENTATION_TIME minutes
Pumping outOffOffLast till PARAM_WEIGHT_MIN is reached
Pumping inOnOnLast till PARAM_WEIGHT_MAX is reached

Why does it read wrong weight values?

There are many differents problems that you can find with the weight reading, but you can check this steps:

  1. The load cells work in one direction, so you need to check if you place in the wrong direction every load cell (see note).

  2. Maybe you don't put the solder jumper between LGND and GND near to HX711 (SJ1 in version 6.0.1). In this case, to avoid a floating ground you need to made the solder jumper in that point.

  3. Some load cell cable isn't weld correctly in the load cell PCB. Check Load cell page.


The correct direction for every load cell is the arrow start in the Top plate and finish in the air, ready to touch the Heating plate base.